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Cedar Park Animal Clinic provides easy, online ordering for several of the most commonly used prescription items from our website. These items will be shipped directly to you via US Mail.

We desire to provide you the convenience to order several of the most commonly used prescription items online.  These items will be shipped to you via US Mail. Shipping charges are $4.50 for orders $39.00 and under and free shipping on orders over $39.00. Since all of these items are prescription items, we do require a valid client/pet/doctor relationship for us to ship these medications.  This means we must have done an exam on your pet at our clinic within the past 12 months.  Some of the medications do require some type of blood work at various intervals to maintain a valid prescription.  If your pet fails to meet some of the requirements, your online prescription may be denied.  Feel free to contact our office (512) 258-2221 during business hours to discuss any requirements.  Click on the appropriate link below to be taken to the order page for what type product you wish to purchase.

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